On November 14, 2002, pHrenzy debuted as the first pH show ever. The one that started it all.

Since then, pHrenzy has been performed aproximately 80 billion times to date, in 2 countries and in 6 different Chicago comedy theaters. pHrenzy has been featured in improv festivals across North America, including those in Miami, Minneapolis, Austin, Milwaukee, Providence, New York, Toronto, and Chicago!

pHrenzy is the Ultimate Audience Experience...a completely improvised game where YOU decide the entire outcome. The most audience participative improv show in Chicago. The Chicago Reader calls it "a lot of whip-smart, hopped-up old school fun" and "the most athletic idiocy you'll find on a late night stage in Chicago...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

The show starts with 8 performers, over the course of an hour you will help us whittle it down to one person, the winner of that night's show.

In the first four rounds the host will get rid of four people by using arbitrary rules. For instance, "whoever curses the most" or "whoever plays a child the most". Whichever, player breaks the arbitrary rule the most (as determined by the co-host that night) is eliminated from the show...temporarily.

Next comes the pHight or pHlight round. The four people that have been unfairly eliminated by the arbitrarily rules come back for one last chance at the game. They will get five minutes to impress you and at the end of the five minute round you will vote one player back into the game...giving them a second chance at the game. The other three players are then excused from the rest of the show.

The rest of the show is completely up to you. There are no more rules, just your own judgment. At the end of each round, now, YOU decide who leaves the show, by clapping the loudest for the person you want to leave. This will happen until we get down to two players, The Final Two. The Final Two will do a final round of fast-paced scenes, and then at the end of the round you will vote on who you think should WIN the tropHy and be that night's pHrenzy champion.

The winner of that night's show gets to come back next week and try and keep their crown as pHrenzy champion. At the end of the year the player with the most wins for the entire year, gets to keep the tropHy and becomes that year's ultimate pHrenzy champion. So check back often and watch the tropHy race throughout the year, and come out to the shows to help decide who will be the ultimate pHrenzy champion.

Sound like fun? It is! Reserve your tickets now!